African Americans In The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that ". Martin Luther King, Jr. emphasizes this quote because throughout American history discrete groups of citizens have strived for rights the American Constitution provided them. African americans did not have the same rights as other white people because of their skin color. In the late 1950s blacks stood up to fight for social justice and the public authorities who have reprehended their rights. But before the civil rights African Americans had to go through many hardships just so they can be treated equally to whites Before the civil right movement African Americans faced multiple hardships in everyday life. Also everything was segregated because they weren't known to be “equal to whites” . African American music all played an important role in the Civil Rights Movement. They couldn't do things that they enjoyed just because of their skin color and a lot …show more content…

The Great Migration was a humongous movement of over 6 million African Americans out of the SOuth to the north and west states. While segregation was not legalized in the North (as it was in the South), racism and prejudice were widespread. It was known to be the largest internal movement of any group in history and made it difficult for blacks to find jobs and support their families. (Thomas Riggs) By 1970 more than 50 percent of blacks lived outside the south. In the south blacks were given even less freedom than they already were in the north. For example southern blacks had little or no opportunity to own land or build financial independence. Also they were generally limited to sharecropping and they remained dependent for their livelihoods on the landowners who were previously slaveholders, who loaned livestock needed to grow the crops, controlled the sale of the harvest, and kept the financial records.(Thomas

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