Civil Rights Act Of 1875 Essay

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Shania Bowley
Unit 6 Text Questions
Ms. Mungin
1. What was the result of the outlawing of the Civil Rights Act of 1875?
In 1883, the Supreme Court declared that the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which forbid discrimination in hotels, trains, and other public spaces, was unconstitutional. Signs with “white” and “colored” on them began to pop up in railroad stations, theaters, auditoriums, on restrooms and drinking fountains. Black Americans were banned from white businesses and were forced to attend separate schools. This system of segregation would continue for nearly 100 years.
2. Why did Frederick Douglass believe that the South was the best place for African Americans?
Frederick Douglass believed that the south was the best place for African Americans ,
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9. Why was the migration to cities in the western United States a preferred choice for African
For those who wanted to stay in the United States, but wanting to get away from the south, moving to western territories was preferred.After the United States opened the territory up to settlers, African Americans came in large numbers, claiming 1.5 million acres and settling more than two dozen primarily black towns. The western states became an attractive place for
African Americans to go when they were looking for more freedom and opportunity.
10. How do you think Jim Crow laws influenced life for African Americans and other racial/ethnic minority groups?
Racial laws used against African Americans and other racial groups influenced their lives, because these people had to try and thrive in a society that was built against their success.
Being that the law was on the opposite side, many other aspects of their lives failed to bring them any benefit. Segregation laws were made to scare blacks away from having the same opportunities as whites, or feeling equal to them after slavery was

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