Why Did African American Society Change After The Civil War Essay

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Shania Bowley 1/24/18 Unit 6 Text Questions Ms. Mungin 1. What was the result of the outlawing of the Civil Rights Act of 1875? In 1883, the Supreme Court declared that the Civil Rights Act of 1875, which forbid discrimination in hotels, trains, and other public spaces, was unconstitutional. Signs with “white” and “colored” on them began to pop up in railroad stations, theaters, auditoriums, on restrooms and drinking fountains. Black Americans were banned from white businesses and were forced to attend separate schools. This system of segregation would continue for nearly 100 years. 2. Why did Frederick Douglass believe that the South was the best place for African Americans? Frederick Douglass believed that the south was the best place for African…show more content…
He believed that African Americans should use their resources to make a life for themselves instead of running away from the south, with no guarantee of success . There were opportunities to make a living in the south, it was up to them if they would take these opportunities and use them to their benefit. In what ways did American society change after the Civil War? The Jim Crow Era was born, bringing with it segregation, intimidation, violence, a push for white supremacy, and entrenched poverty that left African Americans in the South and throughout the country without the hope they felt just after the Civil War ended. White Southerners were full of resentment over the changes that they saw and, after Reconstruction, began working to re-establish clear boundaries between blacks and whites. Black Americans socialized and worked with other black Americans, setting up schools, churches, and neighborhoods where they felt most comfortable and free from the racism they experienced around whites. Whites wanted to gain their power back, and were willing to act violently, and even killed for that to happen. Society became segregated, angry, separate, and
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