All Quiet On The Western Front: Summary

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Protagonist (Max and Freak) : Maxwell Kane (Max) and Kevin Avery (Freak) are the two main protagonists in this novel. Maxwell Kane is a tall twelve year old boy who has a learning disability in school. He often gets bullied about his dad who had choked his mother to death and went to prison. He lives with his grandparents Grim and Gram who often takes very nice care of him. Kevin Avery who is also considered as "Freak", is a short twelve year old boy who has a physical deformity on the inside of his body. He is unable to walk properly so he uses his crutches to help him but despite his physical disability, he is a pure genius. He lives right beside Max's house with his mother Fair Gwen who was the friend of Max's mother. Ever since Freak and Max met, they both have become very close friends. Since Freak could not walk, he jumps on Max's back and acts like his brain. Together they become Freak The Mighty.
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(Blade) and Kenny Kane (Killer Kane). Tony D. is nicknamed as Blade who is a seventeen year old mean gangster who bullied Freak and Max. As the fireworks were flying into the air, Blade and his gang approached Freak and Max by calling them rude names and asking them whether they have any M80s, which as an explosive. Freak and Max knew that he was very dangerous and had a criminal record as many people tend to avoid him and his gang, so Freak hopped on Max's back and they had escaped after Freak using his intelligent ways to loose them. Kenny Kane is commonly named as Killer Kane is the father of Maxwell Kane. Killer Kane went to prison after choking Max's mother to death. A couple of years later, Killer Kane was released from prison and kidnapped Max away from his grandparents. This was the scariest moment of Max's

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