American Participation In Ww1 Essay

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War broke out in Europe in the summer of 1914, with the Central Powers led by Germany and Austria-Hungary on one side and the Allied countries led by Britain, France, and Russia on the other. At the start of the war, President Woodrow Wilson declared that the United States would be neutral. However, that neutrality was tested and fiercely debated in the U.S. The American Involvement in WW1 was a change in good and bad ways in the Social, Economic, and Political areas. The most impacted area of American participation in WW1 was Political because a lot of changes were made using propaganda making bias assumptions on each part of the war but also making treaties to lead to peace. The next most impacted area was Social due to the many changes …show more content…

As stated in “Lesson 4.1 Wilson's peace program” President Wilson proposed a program for peace at the end of WW1 called the fourteen Points which wasn't easy to achieve but even running through these problems Wilson also made this lead to the treaty of Versailles. Also stated in “Lesson 4.2 Treaty of Versailles” The Treaty of Versailles ended the state of war between Germany and the Allied Powers. Wilson in his Fourteen Points Speech states the words “to make the world safe for democracy” this is him telling America he wants to better and make peace within governments. These reasons for Wilson's Idealism and the Treaty of Versailles are why the political area was most impacted during WW1 leaving and leading a new course in the …show more content…

As shown in Student Handout 6 “Food during the War” they were told to save certain foods to preserve money due to inflation because of the recession America went through due to all the money spent to support the war effort. The inevitable results included shortages of both labor and products, leading to significant inflation in the economy. They even had to make victory gardens to help with food production during the war. As also stated in Document 5 “Economics of World War 1” they had a War Industries board to help organize and coordinate the production of goods and materials necessary for the war effort. The War Industries Board impacted the economy very little as shown later on because the United States owed more money to the other nations than those nations owed the United States. The economy of the U.S. didn't change but did have a rough patch due to the overuse of money to support the war. This is why overall the economic area wasn't as impacted in a great way which is showed by no growth but only shrinkage for the

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