American Warrior Speech

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John James with a slight nod, "Yes I will go. I do not like taking no guns." Jacob stood up trying to keep his voice steady, "I want to get my sister. I feel is risky taking no guns." Capt. Fairfield stood up and shook hands with Jacob and John James and saying, "I admire young men going on this dangerous journey. Just follow Francois Fournier directions and leadership. " Jake MacLeod returned with the tobacco and coffee and was divided up for the three riders. Sarah Martin, Joyce Cromwell, and Cornice Morrison were preparing food for the riders to take on their journey. Silas Martin and Andrew Cromwell rechecked the saddles and saddlebags, By now is getting late afternoon Capt. Fairfield motions of those present to get around him. "Fellow …show more content…

Meanwhile, the wagon train will continue and our next rest w ill be 4 days from now at Pacific Creek. We are hoping our riders will catch at Pacific Creek. All of us need to pray for these men and Mary. I'm asking Rev. Cromwell to lead us in prayer.” "Dear Heavenly Father we ask for protection and freedom from arm of our friends. We hope that you would prepare safe way of our friends as they ride the trail. We asked a special prayer for Silas and Sarah Martin at this time. May they have peace at this time with regard to Mary. I pray that you will give our riders strengths to meet the rigorous on the trail, …show more content…

I wish you to memorize what it looks like on the trail. I suspect the Indians know that someone will try to follow them. The trail will be rocky and it will be hard to follow. John James you will ride a few yards to the left of the trail and Jacob you write a few yards to the right of the trail. I will ride in the middle." John James posed question, "I'm if I see her hoof print going to the left what should I do?" "Often the trail will veer to the right or left the depending on the terrain. Most likely, the original trail was done by elk migrating in the fall to the grassy plains. "Are the Indians tried to cover their t rail?" "Not yet, in this grassy plain." "It appears we're here directly into the mountains." "Yes, we're directly into the most rugged part of the Win River Mountains." "Have you ever been into the Wind River Mountains?" "No, as far as I know, no white man is ever been into the mountains." "So you think Mary has been taken to the Shoshone chief. I don't recall his name." " Chief Washakie, he is well known among the white man to Indians for him signing the peace treaty." "Are there other Indians on the reservation besides the

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