Anti Gun Control Essay

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It was as calm as the ocean, until a gun was fired and it turned to chaos. There are many viewpoints in the world. Some that are not so extreme and some that really need to be taken seriously. This paper is talking about gun control. “Gun control refers to an all encompassing term that can be linked to the specific laws and regulations enforced by the government restricting firearms as well as the safety measures such as safety components or trigger locks used for firearms and guns.” There are multiple arguments towards gun control like if the laws should be less strict, stay the same, or more strict. The topics in this paper are if the stricter gun regulations will not reduce gun violence, there should be a national right to carry law or the …show more content…

A “right-to-carry” law means that the governments issue concealed carry handgun allows any applicant to receive a handgun as long as they meet the criteria. The criteria to purchase a handgun is “the applicant must be an adult, have no significant criminal record, and no history of mental illness, and successfully complete a course in firearms safety training. Chris Cos says, “The act recognizes that the second amendment guarantees the fundamental individual right of every law-abiding citizen to bear arms for safety when traveling.” Studies have shown that 59% of people that carry a gun do it to protect themselves. “Rather than being victims, concealed handgun carriers have a sense of safety and security, especially when going outside at night or in dangerous areas” Chris Cox says “the 41 states that have the most tolerant right-to-carry laws have 22% lower total violent crime rates.” Those people who have met the criteria to purchase a gun know how to properly use a gun. If you go through the safety training nothing accidental should go wrong when you are carrying a gun. If you are carrying a gun in the event of a shooting you could stop the shooting. Some people say that there are police officers to stop the shooting but according to it said that one time it took a police officer to respond to a shooting in 58

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