Analysis Of An Article By Kwame Anthony Appiah

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At the beginning, Kwame Anthony Appiah introduced his article by using Lydia Davis’s writing, who was a fiction writer. The author mentioned about human behavior, and he focused more on human virtue ethics. He explained that what a person would do to help the others in a certain way as long as they believe it is the right thing. People do what they think the others are needed; they not do it because of their compassion. The author also said that ethics could develop character in each individual. It explains the way we act and treat the others. Appiah provides numerous of evidences to try to explain human behavior and the reason why we do what we do. However, most of people will do what they do, there is no reasons behind their purpose of doing something. At the end, he closed his point by saying that it is more …show more content…

I really like this article, and agree with most of his point. One of the quote in the article that like the most is when the author says, “a life that exhibities the virtues is for that very reason a better life: not because the act of virtuous have good consequences;” I agree with this quote because people are more likely have different attitude in different situation. The way we act, we think and do what we do is more depend on the norms rather than the compassion in our heart. We do something good by helping people out is the thing that we feel like we want to do. When we try to help someone who needs us; we will automatically feel happy in our heart. However, at the time we decided

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