Essay On Good Character

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How can having good character affect the world we live in? Well, that is an easy question to answer. Having just one person with good character can change a lot of lives, so having the world full of graceful hearts can do so much for us. Having it cannot be done by just being kind you have to have a kind heart and mind. By definition, that is what it takes to have character; The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Now to the question, who has it and who doesn’t? Everyone has character whether they see it or not. It doesn’t matter that everyone accepts that statement, just that everyone understands this. Character matters and it has an impact on society.
The world would be a wasteland of selfishness and cruelty if there weren’t good people in it doing amazing things. “Create the good” has a very simple way of explaining why; “It just feels good”. What they mean by this is that it feels good to know that a life can be changed or influenced by just s good person doing great deeds. Striving to be a heartfelt person should be a leaders top priority. You can always gain so much from it. Not by putting all of time and effort into it, but just by the thought of doing nice deeds here …show more content…

When people think about a wise person, it’s usually about an older adult with a lot of knowledge. However, it’s usually in their heads to think about how they became so wise. It, of course, is from everything they have been through as an adult, but it starts off when they are young. “We need to teach our children that we develop our character more through our sufferings than our successes,” says Lickona (3). Teaching this to kids at a young age is important, so teach kids the importance of character at a young age so that life is easier for them. “Wisdom enables us to discern correctly, to judge what is truly important in life, and to set priorities,” again says Lickona

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