Analysis Of Charles Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

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INTRODUCTION Science tends to alter, but these alterations are small. New discoveries in various fields of science made every day. Usually, these findings give strength to existing theories. Before Charles Darwin, Christian worldview was a paradigm in society. The idea was enforced by church officials and affirmed by scientific observation. According to Christian worldview plant and animal species remain unchanged, God is the designer of all living creatures in the world. However, turmoil occurs in science too. One of this upheaval is Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution. It was totally contrary to the Christian worldview. His theory states that species tend to change, plant and animal species evolved through natural selection. On the other hand, Darwin’s theory seemed controversial due to following reasons: contradiction with the law of physics; prominent scientists who supported creationism; movement of intelligent designers; new evidence found against Darwin’s theory of evolution. MAIN BODY Science and religion had strong ties in England in the 16th century. Revolution made in science field did not conflict with religion, on the contrary, scientific revolution only strengthened ties…show more content…
Deceased organisms provide us with bones and imprints. By looking at these archaeological data we can imagine how these organisms looked millions of years ago. Darwin’s theory stands for gradual evolution. According to Darwin, we can trace the changes in the organism, due to the fact that old surface of ground and fossil are covered by newer ones, providing us with biological timeline. However, there are no intermediate fossils records to support his viewpoint. Darwin argued that only some samples had been preserved well.

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