God Save Gertrude Play Analysis

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Last Wednesday October 4th at 7:30 in the Bardo Art Center Theater, I attended the play entitled“God Save Gertrude” the playwright was done by Deborah Stein which was put on by Western Carolina University. This play was set in the punk rock period of the 1970s. Through this production I realized how bad the rise of revolts where and how hard it was to get people to enlist for the military. The theme of this play or the why of this play is that even when times are hard you can 't forget who you are. Overall I thought play was very different because it was more of being like a rock concert than a play. Though it was more of a loud and rocky kind of play they did a amazing job of keeping the rock and roll aspects going throughout the play. This play was a battle between who Gertrude wants to be and who she needs to be. Throughout the play Gertrude goes through her hole past telling you all the ba aspects of her life how he first marriage gave her a boy than she married again and her sweet boy didn 't want anything to do with her new husband.The main plot of this play is to not let your past hold you back from being who you can be. The story overall I felt worked well together though at times I couldn 't really understand what Gertrude was saying when she went on her rambling sprees.This story was very …show more content…

You can tell that they all truly worked hard at their roles and with the character of Gertrude being so drastic she did a wonderful job at pulling off both the sentimental and rockstar sides of this character. Gertrude and her son “Mama’s Boy” also Man done a wonderful job I feel that Man truly took on his role and made his acting believable that he was in charge of a military fleet and wanted them to know he mean business. Each character truly used there facial and hand gestures to bring the play alive from meaning business to just being tired of what was going on around

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