A Little Bowl Of Color Analysis

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The article, Little Bowls of Colors by Ewa Hryniewicz-Yarbrough talks about mother language and effects of other languages on it. She explained that the first language which a child will learn is his or her mother language because before our birth the mother language already exists. But, it is not clear as much as families who speak in different languages since; families who speak in two different languages their children will speak their mother’s language rather than other members of family language. This essay will discuss the organization and content that include mother language and effects of new environment on expressing feeling and idea.
In explaining this article, in term of organization and the maintaining of the content, organization of this article is the most important characteristic of her essay which logically talks about three significant parts. In the first part, she talks about mother language, in the second part, she talks about her biography specifically learning English as second language and living with it for the rest of her life, and in the third part she talks about comfortably of a person in written and verbal expression
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As she gives an example in the article related to this idea, a professor of Romance language who was fluently in three languages French, Italia and Romanian but his mother language was Polish. The last language that he loses before the disease of Alzheimer raid him was his mother language, it proves that how valuable is our mother tongue (p.2). In addition, his article discuss about the deep relationship of a human being with their mother language. She mentioned that mother language is not something to get rid of it or to lose it even by learning another language because our mother language is our first love word which we learn from to guide and make our first feeling of this amazing world
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