Analysis Of Michael J. Sandal's 'Doing The Right Thing'

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In his piece, Doing the Right Thing, Michael J. Sandal makes the argument that “life in democratic societies is rife with disagreement about right and wrong, justice and injustice” (27). I full heartedly agree with this statement. Throughout the history of the world we as humans have been faced with an infinite amount of controversial issues. These topics are sensitive enough on either side of the argument that it is virtually impossible to create a common ground in which everyone shares the same opinion. One of the issues that is most relevant today is whether or not abortion is murder. Coming from a conservative background and growing up as a Christian, I have strong opinions about this topic. No matter the argument I heard, my opinions on the morality of abortion will not sway. When the news hit that Planned Parenthood was selling infant fetuses to research, I was honestly outraged. Simply the idea that these preexisting lives were being given away to experiments before they were ever given a chance to live made me …show more content…

Whether or not the research that they do changes lives, does not change the fact that abortion is the killing of a child. The problem with the point I bring up is that most people, whether pro-abortion or pro-life, all have different conceptions of what defines life. The choice to stop receiving compensation for the cost of research does not make their practice any more ethical than before. In fact, this choice goes to show that what they were doing was unethical enough for them to take action and try to stop the scrutiny that they were being faced with I personally stand behind the opinion that if fetuses are closely enough related biologically to a living human to be subjects for research, then they are truly defined as living human beings and should be treated as such. This means that unborn children should be given the same rights to life as any other

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