Planned Parenthood Case Summary

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In this NBC News article, “Planned Parenthood Will Pay Its Own Fetal Tissue Costs”, (NBC News). Anti- Abortion groups are furious with Planned Parenthood selling fetal tissue for profit and to maintain programs within this organization. The videos were released in mid-July by anti-abortion activists who called themselves the Center for Medical Progress (top right paragraph). Planned Parenthood will no longer receive any kind of payment to help with the cost of the programs. Some of their clinics; fetal tissues will only be used for scientific research. Planned Parenthood believes the videos were edited to go against their abortion program, and denies any sort of payment from the fetal tissues sold. If payments were received to the organization, it was done legally for reimbursement of costs. The organization is in the process of more policies to advance attacks against Planned Parenthood. The videos were shown on the internet, television, and Republicans responded and took control of the issues. Republicans had several investigations going on with Planned Parenthood, and efforts to cut off federal funding for this organization. The organization states the reimbursements are for Medicaid patients that have received non-abortion services. The article states, the fetal tissue programs only exist in two states- …show more content…

The money was not an important factor for research development. Why at their meetings, people saw workers bargaining for the right price for fetal tissues. Congress passed a law in 1993 selling fetal tissue is illegal but women were allowed to donate for scientific research. If you donated the fetal tissue it helped cover the cost for these programs to run. The medical and scientific programs has strong defense to be able to do research on the fetal tissues. Research has been with the fetal tissue for several kinds of diseases to help find a

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