Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's A Sound Of Thunder

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Ray Bradbury was a well-known science fiction and fantasy writer. One of his famous science-fiction works is “A Sound of Thunder”. This was adapted as a movie in 2005 (“Ray Bradbury”). What will people do when they have a chance to travel back in time? Would hunting be an option? “A Sound of Thunder” tells a story about a man named Eckels, who was willing to pay a company a certain amount of money to travel back to the past and hunt a particular animal, in that period of time. This short story explains the thrilling adventure that Eckels encountered in capturing the deadly beast, in this case, a Tyrannosaurus and the aftermath of his actions. In this short science-fiction story, Bradbury captures the relationship between the past, present and future and highlights the future tragedy that society creates for neglecting several cautions mentioned in the present. …show more content…

This approach is most evident in his science-fiction stories.” (qtd in. Paradowski, Robert & Dziemianowicz 2). Additionally, the “aftermath” explained in the story is symbolized as “The Butterfly Effect,” an environmentalism metaphor. According to “A Dictionary of Environment and Conservation,” The Butterfly Effect is a metaphor to illustrate how a slight change in the beginning can influence two complex schemes in very distinct ways. “The Butterfly Effect” in Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” is cautioning readers that all the elements in nature are connected, even smallest decisions can affect the whole system and the importance of one’s awareness and actions to protect one’s own habitat to minimize further

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