Analysis Of The Distance Between Us By Reyna Grande

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The Distance Between Us is a memoir book written by Reyna Grande in which she depicts the harsh life in the U.S. for being an undocumented immigrant from Mexico. Back then, however, she was too young to fully understand the situations that she was in. "In chapter 20 of the section 1 of the book", she mentions that this was the third attempt for her and her family to cross the border because of her physical weakness. Due to potential risks of getting caught, her father convinced them to succeed this time by almost threatening them: he said that this will be the last time, and if they fail, they will be sent back to their house in Mexico where their mother apparently would not care their children as a parent. Through many encounters with dangerous …show more content…

There is also a connection between these two since the author in both sections often says how much she misses other people in her family whom she left behind in Mexico, especially her mom who is supposedly considered as careless. The difference between these two excerpts, however, is that the author faces near-death experiences in the first one, whereas the second one is more peaceful and optimistic overall. This is evident from the change in author's use of tone. For example, the writer utilizes words such as "jeopardy" and "darkness" at first, then this switches to words such as "happy" and "perfect" after their crossing. The parts of the narrative that is presented in scenes are where her family attempts to cross the border and where her family goes to beach. Other parts seem to be summarized to create dramatic effect on the aforementioned scenes. Her intended audience is those who are unfamiliar with what it is like to be an undocumented immigrant in the U.S. This can be observed from the fact that these two whole chapters are informing to her readers how she managed to cope with her past while dealing with current issues with an illegal

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