How Did Ancient Greek Influence Today

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Many of the roots of modern intellectual ideas and philosophies have stemmed from the ideas and philosophies of the ancient Greeks. While many other cultures had some impact, the Greeks most definitely had the most influence on modern math and science. Most notably, “the three Athenians that would come to dominate philosophy for the next 2000 years: Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle”(p8). These three philosophers, along with many others from in or around ancient Greece set the foundation for Western intellect today. The communication abilities and location of ancient Greece allowed them to not only gather information about the ideas of diverse cultures around the world but also to have skepticism about the information and determine what was true. This in turn allowed them to record their ideas and spread it to others as well. Ancient Greeks had the most impact on math, science, and philosophy because of their ability to read, write, and communicate. Besides the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, the Greeks were the first to invent and use the alphabet. However, even with the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, the use of written …show more content…

Without their ability to read and write, along with their location which allowed them to communicate with other diverse cultures, modern philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists would not have the records of ancient Greek philosophies. Of course, many other cultures from around the world have impacted modern philosophy in some way. However, they did not come into the situation until far later than the Greeks. All in all, the ancient Greeks do not get enough credit for all they have done for not only the ancient world, but the modern world as well. Although some of their ideas and philosophies have since been proven wrong, even their most seemingly ridiculous theories helped develop the philosophies and science we know

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