Andrew Jackson: A Controversial President

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Every president of the United States should reflect an impeccable character. George Washington was trustworthy and well respected among the citizens. John Adams, a founding father, even helped draft the Declaration of Independence. Occasionally, a president will be elected who lacks the appropriate behavior of a president, even though he can guide the people. Andrew Jackson was such a man. Jackson was a controversial president because he was an influential leader but one who too often made poor decisions. In 1828, Jackson won the election against John Quincy Adams with the majority popular vote. He won the votes of many southerners because of his reputation as a “common man”. Since he grew up in a similar environment as the southern states, Jackson well represented the lower class citizens. At his inauguration, Jackson threw a party consisting of 10,000 people. These people drank whiskey and vandalized the White House <3. In order to prevent such violence, Jackson passed the IRA. The laws …show more content…

A law had been passed that placed taxes on imported goods, however, Jackson managed to lower it. Despite the decreased tariff, it still made the people fill with rage. The tax had a much heavier impact on the South because farmers did have factories to make goods like the North. They relied solely on farming. Once state in particular that was hurt by the tariff was South Carolina. John C. Calhoun, Jackson’s vice president, fought hard to annul the taxes since that was his birthplace. Jackson wholeheartedly disagreed with Calhoun and threatened to hang him in public. The fear of being murdered ultimately led to the resignation of Calhoun. The actions of Andrew Jackson during these events exemplified horrid leadership traits, but could also be viewed as standing up for beliefs in a more aggressive approach, which good be valued as an exceptional presidential

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