Animal Cruelty In Contemporary Society

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Introduction Cruelty is phrase used to define the act of causing pain or inflicting suffering. Animal cruelty is a global problem and is increasing in the contemporary society. Animal cruelty is classified into two core categories: intentional cruelty or neglect. neglect refers to the failure of providing to the animals sufficient food, water, health care or shelter. Animals are starved, owners fail to provide vertinary care to them, and have inadequate shelter. Moreover, some of the animals are housed in rooms with no light or ventilation. Although, some animals are abused on the streets, the most rampant form of animal cruelty exist in homes and scientific laboratories through animal testing, and finally in the slaughter houses.

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For many decade, dogs have been pitted in stage fights by humans against each other. In the contemporary American society bulldogs dogs suffer the most extreme form of animal cruelty as they are staged to fight aggressive against each other. Fighting the dogs for example can be traced back to the twelve century during the period that Romans invaded the Britain. Even though, the British lost the war, they were delighted in the endurance and tendency of their dogs and as a result starved the process of exporting the dos in the fights against other bigger animals such as bulls and wild boars. the big bull dogs have been cross bred with the smaller dog varieties and this lead to the emergence of the Bull Terrier Breed. Notwithstanding the fact that dog fighting is against the law in the U.S the fights occur in various states across the nation. Dog fighting takes place in various ways. Amongst the ways is street fighting. through the street fighting, humans often engage the dogs in fights in back alleys, playground and street corners. these fights are linked with gang related activities and the animals that are injured in the fights are left to suffer in the streets. There have been cases where animals rescuers have been called by the law enforcement offices to rescue dying or dean animals in the streets. another form of dog fighting is named as hobbyist. Through this events the dogs participate in fights within a calendar year that have been organized. the handles of the dog pay significant attention to these dogs. Professional is the other form of dog fighting. this impels that people ear money as a result of selling, breeding and involving the dos in the fighters. it has been found that hobbyists and professionals in the contemporary society have a tendency of disposing the dogs that they deem as not being aggressive. When dogs are injured in the fighters, they might be starved or killed by

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