Animal Farm Declaration Of Independence Analysis

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In the Declaration of Independence it was stated that all men are created equal, this isn’t true in the book Animal Farm. In America we started out thinking everyone is equal. Now it is hard to think everyone is equal when some people have no choice and are born into poverty and others are born into an already rich family. We can consider everyone’s self worth to be equal, but can we really consider everyone to be completely equal? In the Declaration of Independence it was stated that all men are created equal and that everyone is endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. In the United States today it is hard to consider everyone equal. The United States is such a big melting pot of ethnicity, races, and religion. If …show more content…

This statement was true until the pigs, especially Napoleon, realized they could take advantage of the other animals on the farm. Napoleon slowly started wanting everything for himself. He first had dogs to protect the farm, then they became his guard dogs. He only built a schoolhouse when his piglets were born. He wanted the best for himself and no one else. He became very selfish and on the other side of that, Boxer became very selfless. Boxer did everything around the farm. He worked on the crops and no matter how hurt he was or how bad he felt, each and everyday he went and helped rebuild the windmill. This was an example of why not every animal on the farm was equal. Napoleon did nothing and was considered the leader of the farm. Boxer on the other hand, did just about everything on the farm and had no leadership what so ever, just because he was a horse and Napoleon was a pig. Napoleon had very little integrity towards the other animals. He didn’t care exactly how little they were being fed, as long as they had the bare minimum of what they needed to work. He even banished one of the other pigs named snowball. He thought Snowball could lead to a rebellion against him or even could take his spot as

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