Persepolis Film Analysis

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Animation has been an art form that I personally have found dear to my heart because of how it brings the aspect of illustration to life. Like novels, animations are able to remove people from their own lives to experience the lives of others; Eventually teaching people to appreciate the different things that they might never experience within their own lives. With this and my experience in arts, I feel that reviewing “Persepolis” was something I was able to do with both a fondness and open mind. This traditional 2D piece was notable for a series of both historical and artistic reasonings that drew to its greater significance. Throughout the film, “Persepolis” was created using paper and blank ink since the director, Marjane Satrapi, and her …show more content…

The use of the linear plot with its presentation makes it easier for the viewer to both watch and follow. This is because of the way it stays in a simple order of events as well as it focuses mostly on the point of view of Satrapi. From this, it can also be concluded that the film became a documentary of the livestyles and historic events that many people experienced before and after the Iranian Revolution. This brings its great significance because it illustrated that even to this day, there has not necessarily been an end to what many people have lived with in Iran. With this realization, it became hard to swallow the truth that many people, including Satrapi, have and are still struggling to have the lifestyles that we take for granted. So many of them that deserve better are living in harsh conditions and only some can find their own hope and escape. “Persepolis” was a powerful animation that both artistically and historically shows that life is much harder than what most tales present. That for many, their lives are conflicts that are sometimes out of their control. However, as it was beautifully animated and skillfully created, the story of “Persepolis” is a unique story of how a girl lived through a hard time that brings us to see that life is always an interesting

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