Anna Quindlen School's Out For Summer Summary

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The Struggle of Everyday Life

In Anna Quindlen’s essay “School’s Out for Summer” she expresses the importance in why we need to end child hunger and the struggles that parents go though to make sure that their child get a good meal that day, even if they don't eat, the child will still get a meal. Child hunger is a problem for everybody in the world we live in today. It's not just in rural african countries, but its also in the “best country” in the world, some people may say, which is United States.

The issue is child hunger. Quindlen uses good evidence that backs up the topic of child hunger. Child hunger isn’t the parents of the child’s fault but it's the fault of the world we live in. The prices of this continue to rise or the parents are home and out of work. In Quindlen’s essay she say that “the people who run to food banks report that most of their clients are minimum wage workers who can’t afford enough to eat on their salaries.” The prices of food are ridiculous. The prices are not reasonable for the amount of food that you receive. Minimum wage jobs do not pay enough so a parent can do everything that they need to do. You will make enough money to pay for priority bills and whatever is left is what you will get. “Talk of parents who go hungry themselves so their children can eat , who put off utility and phone bills so they can buy food.” The government …show more content…

She uses examples of how that parents of the children send them to a free summer school program so that’s one or two less meals that the parents have to worry about. There are people out there who see that there is a problem and they are going to find some way to end the hunger of the children today. “Families are struggling in a way they haven’t done for a long time,” say Brian Loring, the executive director of Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County Iowa, that provide free lunches for the summer

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