Anti Discriminatory Theory

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The aim of this case study is to use a knowledge of human growth and development to critically assess some of the theories a social worker might employ to understand a child and family. These theories will be applied to two members of the family, Sarah (single parent, 21years old) and Hannah (child 5 years old). Within this essay these theories will be critiqued in terms of how a social worker would assess and justify a form of intervention and if there are any limitations to these theories. In addition as to why it is so important for a social worker to have psycho-social stance when
Anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive stance will underlie the critique and has been determined as “a form of radical social work practice which is informed …show more content…

It is found that applying theory to practice may not always lead to the right conclusion, thus it establishes a precise approach to the social work process. The problem with choosing a particular point of view is that, whilst no particular theory is absolute, but when impartially applied, almost any can be used as theories as they are dynamic and always …show more content…

He saw the need for an attachment between child and caregiver as a basic biological need. Like Freud he believed that the fundamental part of a child’s identity is established in a child’s early development, therefore any trauma or failure of this attachment could have a long lasting effect into later life as an adult. The assumption here is that the absence of attachment in childhood between Sarah and her parents, could be a reason why there are issues in her own relationship with her daughter.
The attachment theory presents that the cause of Hannah’s difficulties might be due to the fact that Sarah never had a secure attachment figure in her childhood, so therefore doesn’t know how to be one in Hannah’s life. Coincidently, neither Sarah nor Hannah have had a secure relationship with their fathers. Hence, due to this deprivation of loss there is a totality that inhibits a person from forming a relationship with others, thus causing detrimental

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