Rhetorical Essay On Anti Smoking

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Rhetorical Analysis of Anti-Smoking Commercial Anti-smoking commercials are known for several similar ads. Most of the anti-smoking ads are known for women mimicking holding a button to talk or a young girl pulling layers off her skin. But has anyone ever seen the commercial that reflects children turning the table on adults showing them how they feel when they smoke? This commercial features older children and adults standing around smoking and young children of the age’s seven to nine walking up and asking them if they had a lighter. The adults begin to start telling each child why they wouldn’t want to smoke and why it’s bad for you. As each adult explains to the children about smoking the child hands them a brochure and walks away. It states, “You worry about me but not about yourself.” Many adults know the harm they do to themselves but don’t think about it, this …show more content…

The tactic used to get the adults attention to help them quit smoking is a very unique tactic. This is the first time I have seen a commercial about smoking like this one. The music they use in the background goes very well with the mood. The mood helps the commercial be more effective. Smoking can be very harmful to your body. Adults never understand until they see it from a different angle. Smoking is one of the most preventable deaths. Why would you put your body in danger? A 40% increase in phone inquiries. Think about how much percentage would go up if we would get more commercials like this. Anti-smoking should be a big thing across the world. If anti-smoker campaigns were to get more commercials like this one around the world maybe we could prevent more smoking diseases. Perhaps this commercial was one of the most effective commercials I have ever seen. Parents put yourself in your child’s perspective before you decide to harm your body. Think about the example you are setting for your

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