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to use the excuse of educating people who cannot afford to travel. To justify us trying to recreate the habitats of these animals. We now live in an age that every house has a TV and wifi. We have HD shows to enhance the vision. We may not be able see them in person but we can still learn about them see every single hair through technology. Because all zoos are really doing is taking your money and taking the wild out of a wild animal.
We need to realize the issue with this is that these animals aren't breaded for education, they are breaded for the amusement. People now days will pay anything for entertainment. Well you might be asking “ Humans have always caught and caged animals, for either entertainment or as an assertion of power” (source A). Always does not mean forever and I think it’s time for a change. “While many of the handlers are undoubtedly well-intentioned and love the animals, the fact is that parks such as Sea World are …show more content…

You can’t help but feel bad for her death, but in all reality this all could have been prevented if Tilikum was left in freedom to swim as he pleased (Source D). Undoubtedly this was and will not be the only. time an animal will lash out on its care provider not will it be the last time to even kill one. Due to the mental instability. Just think wouldn't you go crazy, If your whole entire life you were force to live in a bathtub?(soruce D)
“Love her but leave her wild,” I think this quote applies to so much of what people are trying to explain. “love er but leave her wild” I think this quote applies to so much of what people are trying to explain it’s not that we're against the education process of learn about these animals but if we truly care for something we have to let it be free. That was the way we were put on this earth and that is the way we should keep

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