Aggression In Seaworld

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It 's clear that the living conditions that these animals are forced to live in are just plain unethical, but something even worse is the relationship between animals in captivity and a spike in their stress levels. “It 's irrefutable that many zoos drive animals insane -- and if that isn 't cruel, I don 't know what is” (Masci) For starters, SeaWorld is one of the most notorious places in the world accused of stressing out their animals. Since the tanks are so small the whales tend to get very stressed out, and some former workers even say that the whales seem to go psychotic. “ If you were on a bathtub for 25 years, don 't you think you get a little irritated, aggravated, maybe a little psychotic ” (“Blackfish”)? A clear example is when one of the …show more content…

The constant boredom Happy experiences not only causes stress but in some cases causes aggression. Aggression is something wild elephants only exhibit when a member of their herd is in danger. The fact that Happy sometimes acts in fits of rage shows that she believes that she is in danger (Tullis). Along with aggression, the constant stress that Happy is under causes neurotic behavior. “As much as 85 percent (of elephants in zoos), according to a 2013 study by the Honolulu Zoo -- develop disturbing neurotic behaviors, such as repetitive swaying and head-bobbing” (Tullis) The Bronx Zoo tries to argue that Happy does not have any of these characteristics, yet on numerous occasions former employees claim to have seen her exhibit these behaviors. Not only is the zoo lying to cover themselves but ultimately do not get Happy the care she needs to survive. Lastly, an animal that many people seem to neglect as a sad, stressed animal is the dolphin. Dolphins have a face that naturally seems like they are smiling, and swimming with the dolphins is something everyone loves to do. However, these playful, curious creatures always seem like they are happy, however, even though it looks like they are smiling they are ultimately

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