Apollo 13 Transformational Leadership

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Apollo 13 Reflection Paper Throughout the Apollo 13 clips, Gene Kranz’s character, demonstrated a great deal of leadership qualities. He exemplified the five leadership qualities outlined in the text, the Leadership Challenge: How to make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations (5th ed.), Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z. (2012).
Model the Way The Character took the lead on the assignment of bringing the ship, which was stranded 205,000 miles from earth, back to earth safely. He ensured every other person in the room was clear about the objectives, as he was extremely assertive in his approach (Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z., 2012). He was the first individual to step in an give everyone a role, and developed cooperative goal, which inspired …show more content…

He established a high degree of trust with the individuals he was working with. He was quick to listen, and analyze propositions people brought up. He made every individual feel as though they were valued and an important part of the team, thus facilitating relationships with them by enlisting their trust, and allowing them to act (Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z., 2012). The character encouraged the hearts of those around him in a very critical manner. He made it clear, the US had never lost anyone in space travel before, and they weren’t going to lose anyone this time either. This essentially encouraged, and motivated everyone to dig deep and find some sort of a viable approach in-order-to solve the issue.
Many aspects of leadership were demonstrated in the film. Being the five exemplary leadership practices; Model the way, inspire a shared vision, challenge the process, enable others to act, and encourage the heart, were all ways the character in Apollo 13 was, able to enable those around him to act by instilling trust, allowing the individuals to act, and fostering relationships, through collaboration (Kouzes, J.M., & Posner, B.Z.,

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