Persuasive Essay On Why Guns Should Be Legalized

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Why guns should be legal The NRA has a saying that goes “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” This quote is very powerful because if guns were taken away, then good people wouldn’t be able to stop bad people with guns. Guns are not the ones that are pulling the trigger, it’s the people who are holding them. Furthermore, guns were created in the fourteenth century and they were around a full four centuries before there was ever a school shooting. Even more, the country of Switzerland requires its citizens to own firearms and they have the lowest homicide level in the entire world. Two leaders, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong, took the guns away from their people; they both ended up killing twenty million people. Most guns should be legal because they protect citizens against crime and governmental tyranny, bolster individual freedom, and reduce crime. Having the right to own guns protects the citizens against crime and governmental tyranny. Suzanna Gratia, a strong guns rights supporter was eating lunch with her parents in a cafeteria in Killeen, Texas one day when a man …show more content…

They say that if guns are taken away than it will stop mass shootings. This is wrong however because the guns criminals use most of the time are bought illegally or bought by someone else and given to them. They also may say that the background check needs to be more through. But even if they change the background checks and make them better, these people have been thinking this over and are probably going to be able to get past without being noticed. Since there is no real middle ground than they say that guns should just be taken away for good. This won’t work either because this would only be taking the guns away from the law-abiding citizens and wouldn’t do anything against the criminals. In conclusion, the opposing side has no real or good evidence of why guns should be made

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