Argumentative Essay: Driving Toward Vaccination

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December 16, 2016 - Period 8 Jake Silver
Driving Toward Vaccination
Since personal automobiles became common, car collisions have been a reality. Not including the 50 million people injured annually, there are 1.3 million global fatalities every year resulting from preventable car accidents. The United States federal government has blamed everything from the laws to the vehicles themselves – even simple chance. Studies proved these accusations incorrect. In fact, a major factor contributing to modern collisions is actually the driver's lack of driving knowledge. As a solution to the avoidable deaths, the DMV has recommended drivers take a driver education course prior to getting a license. Although this solution appears simplistic and
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Driving on the road without learning to drive does affect the driver, but it also influences everybody else on the road. For example, if an uneducated driver crashed into another car, would the uneducated driver be injured or would both drivers? It is much wiser for all people to become educated to protect themselves and others on the road. Comparably, herd immunity means that when a critical portion of a population is vaccinated against a pathogen, it is unlikely that an outbreak of the disease will occur, protecting most members of the community. Children and adults who cannot be vaccinated due to age, poor health, or other reasons, rely on herd immunity to prevent contraction of vaccine-preventable diseases. In addition, numerous children are temporarily left unvaccinated because they are too young to receive the vaccine. The “chosen” unvaccinated children can spread disease and harm not only among themselves, but other “unchosen” unvaccinated children as well. When you join a driving education class, not only are you taking a step to better protect yourself, but also other people on the

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