Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

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Baye Bower
Mr. Story
FSU Senior Composition
28 February 2023
Creative Title We need more gun control laws to prevent mentally unfit people from obtaining a gun through gun shows, private sellers, and the other loopholes in the system. We live in a world today with laws put in place to protect the best interest of Americans. These laws are constantly being changed or new laws added. Many of the most controversial laws in our nation are gun control laws. Mental health is not focused on enough in this area. Our current NICS system was designed to provide a background check system on individuals trying to obtain a gun, however these “checks” only scratch the surface. In order to obtain clarity, one must look at the statistics, facts, and testimonies …show more content…

or HCI. This organization advocates for gun control regulation. In this article they argue that a waiting period is actually beneficial to prevent criminals from purchasing handguns. The article first gives a brief summary of the Brady handgun prevention act which is a law that requires a 5 day waiting period and background check before a gun dealer can complete a handgun sale. Despite the supreme court ruling in 1997 that handgun purchasers no longer are required to get a background check the court left intact the 5- day waiting period. However this was soon replaced by the Nation Instant Criminal Background Check System …show more content…

If gun control is regulated, then America will have less gun related crime. Although criminals cannot be fully stopped from obtaining firearms, we can at least significantly reduce the number of people who do, and prevent innocents from dying. To argue that gun laws will never stop criminals from commiting crimes is to ignore facts and evidence. Through closing the multitude of loopholes in the NICS system, including the boyfriend loophole, as well as regulating private and gunshow sellers, we can prevent many mass shootings that happen. Kids should not have to be afraid to go to school, people should not have to fear going to their local grocery store, yet in America people do. This is the unique “American problem” , the phenomenon where mass shootings have been normalized, and forgotten in days, because another shooting has made the headlines. Policy Makers need to take action and close these deadly loopholes that are costing

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