Argumentative Essay On Gun Control Laws

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Election years, like this past year, often times bring up controversial topics that a person may feel more one sided about rather than the other. The topic of gun control laws seems to be one of the more popular topics that the public likes to talk about. With news stories depicting school shootings, police shootings, and other gun related violence’s, many Americans are unaware of how this is influencing their idea on whether the United States should have gun control laws. Many people may say that they feel like they are not influenced by anything when it comes to how they feel about guns and the idea of gun control laws. This however, is false. Many things such as availability heuristic, framing, and confirmation bias make decision making…show more content…
The way a question is worded is often the biggest influence on the way someone answers a question. Including statistics or data in the question, can get people to think the way one wants them to think. For instance, one could just simply ask the question, do you believe the United States should have gun control laws? However, if someone was for gun control they could frame the question by saying, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that on average 93 people in America die every day because of guns, do you think the United States should have gun control laws? After hearing this, most people would probably say yes just because of the way it is worded. On the other end of the spectrum, someone who was against gun control laws could ask, guns protect families and are used for recreational uses such as hunting, do you think the United States should have gun control laws? This question makes someone really think about safety that guns can provide and how they are used for other things like hunting. These two questions show how just putting a little more information into the question can completely change someone’s
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