Gun Registration Pros And Cons

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Enhanced Gun registration could potentially significantly lower the amount of guns bought through straw purchasing sales and corrupt FFL’s. Gun registration happens at the initial sale of the firearm, and legally binds the buyer to that gun, just like your car registration verifies the you are the legal owner of your car. What enhanced gun registration could do is deter someone from binding themselves to a weapon and then giving it to someone else, and be responsible for what is done or committed with that weapon. Background checks are another easy and affective means of preventing guns from getting in the wrong hands. The public opinion on background checks has changed drastically over the past decade; according to the Pew Research Center, in 2000, the overall populous of the United States was only 29% in favor of background checks as opposed to 2015 which is now a staggering 52% (Pew Research). Now granted this could be as a result of underreporting and increased significance in the political issue, but Interestingly enough, after the Senate failed to pass a piece of legislation to institute background checks on all gun purchases two years ago, 85% of all Americans regardless of political orientation favor expanded background …show more content…

When it comes to gun control, law enforcement officials are in the drivers seat. Their argument may come across as a surprise to most but according to a poll of 15,000 police men and women, 91% of respondents argued that a federal ban on assault rifles would have no effect on violent crime and homicide rates (Avery). The same 91% of these respondents supported the ownership of firearms by people that are mentally capable of handling such weapons safely (Avery). Interestingly enough, 86% of law officials feel as though the rate of casualties could have been significantly less in cases such as Sandy Hook if a legally armed person were present

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