Argumentative Essay On Health Care

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Health Care - The act of taking preventative or necessary medical procedures to improve a person 's well-being. This may be done with surgery, the administering of medicine, or other alterations in a person 's lifestyle. These services are typically offered through a health care system made up of hospitals and physicians. Purpose Health systems around the world are struggling to meet the needs of aging populations and increasing numbers of clients with complex health conditions. Faced with multiple health system challenges, governments are advocating for team-based approaches to health care. Key descriptors used to describe health care teams include “inter professional,” “multi professional,” “interdisciplinary,” and “multidisciplinary.” Until…show more content…
Some of these include general practice, anesthetics, surgery, dermatology, emergency medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, pathology, psychiatry, public health medicine, radiology and rehabilitation medicine. Dentists or oral health professionals Dentists are your first point of contact for all oral health needs. Dentists and other oral health professionals treat and help prevent oral health problems, the most common of which are tooth cavities and gum disease. Most dentists recommend a check-up every six to 12 months. However, if you take good care of your teeth and gums at home and do not have any ongoing problems, your dentist may recommend a longer time between visits. Allied health professionals Allied health professionals are university-trained practitioners who work as part of your healthcare team, often helping in your recovery following illness or injury, managing chronic conditions, or maintaining your wellbeing. Some types of allied health professionals include dietitians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, speech pathologists and psychologists. Their role is often about improving quality of life and helping people to care for
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