Craig R. Whitney's Living Among Guns

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Living Among Guns Lately, there has been many debates going on in the news about firearms and necessary action that should be taken against these deadly weapons. These debates have led many American people to start questioning the laws surrounding gun control and the interpretation of the second amendment that allows the right to bear arms. Even though many Americans don 't have the proper knowledge concerning firearm laws, gun control is a subject that many wish not to discuss, but with the recent incidents that have occurred; this is one issue that should no longer be ignored. In his book Living with Guns, author Craig R. Whitney challenges the way a person thinks about firearms and gun control and speaks about gun violence and how it 's …show more content…

One example of this can be found streaming from the second amendment to the bill of rights which states that " A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed", not realizing overtime both documents have been poorly understood and has shaped the values of our nations views concerning firepower which is many reasons for the brute violence within the public. (Whitney 71) The second amendment relates to the right to form a militia that owns firearms, not an individual 's gun rights. The misunderstanding of the documents would also lead to "standing armies in time of peace [being] dangerous to liberty", creating the perception that men with guns would challenge individuals ' liberty and rights to whether they agree with gun use or not. (Whitney 71) Another point of asseveration pertaining to gun control would be the number of issues that need to be looked over and ameliorated. Like "people in different regions of the country have different ideas about guns but is that any reason to replace civic discourse with ideologic rants", Whitney is speaking about how America considers outside country views as discussion of gun regulations and when it comes down to guns and politics, the cultural war is still very much existent. (Whitney 23) Like the need for many Americans in present day society to view the need to have a firearm as law. "Englishmen who were also Americans, having firearms was a matter of a right recognized in common law", notably revealing the belief of many people today who oppose the call for firearm regulations. Furthermore, just as the right to bear arms was an issue of law, the right for an individual to own them, under common law, was and should also, be subjected to restrictions. (Whitney 45) Those who would feel most impacted by

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