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Polar Bears Have you ever wondered how Polar bears swim and never freeze to death?
Or what they eat? Polar bears live in the coldest parts of the world I know everyone with a brain probably Don’t be so rude to me it’s rude knows that but if you look further into these questions you will find out why Polar bears can love to be in the cold. I will be explaining these questions and more in depth in this paper so all your questions about Polar bears disappear and you can go to your mom and dad and say that you know everything about Polar bears, let’s dive right into it!
Polar bears live in some the coldest parts of the world. Polar bears live in Antarctica. According to Live Science,”Polar bears live in countries that ring the Arctic Circle: Canada, Russia, the United States (in Alaska), Greenland and Norway” ( Polar bears like to live in cold weather well, because they are
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One fact is that A Polar bear has black skin that traps heat and holds it for when the bears either swimming or sleeping. According to National Geographic,”But under their fur, polar bears have black skin—the better to soak in the sun 's warming rays”( Polar bears have this so that they can trap heat in for when they need it the most. Specifically, Polar bears skin is good for many reasons. Another fact is that Polar bears grow hairs on the bottom of their paws so that when they are talking around on ice they don’t get as cold. According to SeaWorld,”The sole of a polar bear 's foot has thick, black pads covered with small, soft papillae. The papillae create friction between the foot and ice to prevent slipping. Long hairs growing between pads and toes also help prevent slipping”( What this says that polar bears paws are very special unlike its brothers, it grows little bumps on the bottom of their paws for

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