Argumentative Essay: Why Softball Should Be In The Olympics

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If softball does not make it back into the Olympics soon, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will be robbing softball players of their dreams. There is a good deal of little girls in the world that would do anything to be part of and Olympic team. Lauren Gibson (an infielder for the U.S. softball team) agrees with this statement when she says she wants “for everybody else who dreams about playing in the Olympics, to at least have the ability to have that chance” (qtd. In Hays). Softball should be in the Olympics because it has enough competition from other countries, it needs the chance to be able to spread worldwide, and it is desired by the future Olympic hosts, like Japan. The U.S. softball team does have enough competition to go to the Olympics. One of the reasons softball got booted from the Olympics was because the U.S was seen as too dominant, but in reality they have plenty of competition. One contender is Japan, because “they won the 2008 Olympics (beat the U.S), and they also won the 2012 and 2014 world championships which were also against the United States” (Hendricks). The IOC was not being intellect when they kicked softball from the Olympics for being too dominant because clearly they have competition. Softball getting kicked out of the Olympics was equivalent to …show more content…

Softball involves less running than sports like soccer and football and there isn’t as much conditioning involved in softball as there could be. Laura Berg, a center fielder for the U.S team, states that “softball deserves to be in the Olympics because it combines both pace and power. The games are fast and feature athletic women who can be stars on both offense and defense” (qtd. in Hendricks). Softball may now involve as much running, or conditioning as many other sports, but it involves just as much dedication and talent to succeed, and that’s why it deserves to be in the Olympics.

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