Arguments Against Reproduction Technology

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Have you ever had to go to extreme measures in order to reproduce? Many people in today’s society often face this problem but is it a good idea to use reproductive technology in order to reproduce? Yes it is if this is the only way in order for people who want a family to have one this is there only option. There are many different reproductive technologies including Zift, Gift,Tese/tesa, ICSI and the most popular option IVF. IVF (In vitro fertilization ) is where an egg is fertilised with sperm outside of the human body in a laboratory. First the ovaries are stimulated, the eggs are then collected and fertilised with the sperm. Then the eggs are transferred back into the uterus. A few weeks later a blood test is taken to check for pregnancy. The negatives of this process are too many follicles will develop and the levels of the hormone oestrogen will rise too high which will then cause a condition called OHSS this condition can cause stomach swelling and …show more content…

Many people have religious view points as children are supposed to be conceived naturally and that is fine but people who are non-religious should still have to opportunity to use the technology that is available. The bible which is part of the Christianity says that it does not prevent or forbid people from using the reproductive technology Increasingly, nations have passed legislation that defines the acceptable practice of ART another issue that if there is a donor involved there identity should not be released this is an issue that should be decided by the donor themselves whether they wish to release their identity or not. Some critics also believe that it will end the social family structure and some also believe that the children will be bullied in society but the truth is unless the child mentions about being part of the technology, no one will actually know because the child is no different to the other

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