Aromatic Amine Lab Report

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Definition of aromatic amines: It is an organic compound in which there are one or more than one amino groups in the chemical structure of aromatic amine. Considered as aromatic hydrocarbons adjunct to substituents which are from amino type and it is believed that they appear in the period of treat food in a thermal way especially food with a large amount of proteins. Aromatic amines also contain benzidine, B-naphthylamine and 4-amino diphenyl. Also, aromatic amines are chemical compounds which have a huge ability to cause cancer disease for example, there are many workers in the field of industry who exposed to aromatic amines such as the industry of rubber. Synthesis pathways for aromatic amines: 1- Synthesis of aromatic amines using arylation:…show more content…
3- Synthesis of aryl amines through the reaction of Ullmann Reaction There are two types of Ullmann reactions, the first one is the "classic" Ullmann Reaction and the second one is The "Ullmann-type" Reactions. The "classic" Ullmann reaction is the using of copper catalyze coupling to synthesis bialys which are symmatric.the "Ullmann-type" reaction referred to aromatic substitution process which use copper-catalyzed Nucleophilic between many different nucleophiles and aryl halides. The Ullmann Ether Synthesis is the most important reaction of theses reactions. - The mechanism of the Ullmann Reaction: Conjugation between aryl halides using excess of copper at a high temperature (200 °C). avails biaryls. Copper(I) compound is the active group for which an oxidative addition reaction is occur with halide then, reductive reaction and elimination reaction and finally formation of the carbon bond…show more content…
There is an sp2-hybrid orbital in the lone pair of the nitrogen in the ring of pyridine. Forming a proton can be done through the electron pair so the nitrogen atom in the pyridine is basic. 2-Moreover, the lone pair of nitrogen in a pyrrole ring is considered as a part of the aromatic sextet. Therefore, theses electrons are high stable in the system of the aromaticity. And not available to bond with a proton, thus nitrogen of pyrrole ring is not very basic. 3-It is predictable from aniline, pyridine, and pyrrole to know nitrogen atoms reactivity in ring systems which are complex. For instance, tryptophan has a non-basic nitrogen, but adenine has the three types. 4- A nitrile which contains lone pair of electrons, these lone pair electrons are sp hybrid orbital. Therefore, the character of this hybrid orbital means that the nucleus is adjacent to the electrons and thus not basic. Uses of aromatic amines: 1-producting a variety types of azo dye 2-Synthesis of petrol and fusel fuel and varnishes and antioxidant drugs 3-To coat metals in motor 4-Manufactories of plastic and rubber and

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