Art 101: Universal Art

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From man’s evolution with cave drawings to the paintings that the human race were all so familiar with, in the present day. Painting is expressive and complex because everyone interprets it differently. There are no faux pas in painting. It’s an individual perception on what the artist is trying to communicate through their art as each individual has their own take of what the artist may be trying to relay. Emotions and colors play a major role in painting.
Sculptures can be created out of many varieties of materials.
Architecture is another universal art form due to the fact that it’s virtually everywhere and critical for our survival. From the primitive to the modern and sleek designs..Architecture has many facades that lie deeper than just providing basic shelter.
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It’s constantly evolving. It doesn’t need any words at times. You can make music from almost anything. It’s emotional and universal, being that there’s music for every type of mood and taste. You can communicate through music and reach your audience in ways you could never imagine. There’s an unification that happens when Music is present. Music is also very personal and can reach the depths of your beings whether you’re feeling melancholy, loved, excitement, anger, or relaxed..it has the power to change your state of mind and being all starting from one simple note or one word to a song. Music can be encouraging. It can give you the sheer strength and determination to push forward through challenging moments. It can be peaceful, soft..like a sweet whisper in your ear, embracing you and lulling you into a deep slumber. It has the power to draw out emotions you never believed to have within you. On that note (no pun intended), without it, Life as we know it would be bleak and

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