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Art is a part of human life by birth. Art is following humans like a shadow ; without art humans cannot imagine life’s origin. It is only art which teaches a lesson of culture to person. As per 18th or 19th century. We come to know that how art has contributed in shaping the human life. In vedic era still found to be developed in special forms. Present days also women in villages points their house walls and floor with beautiful natural colours’ by making birds, animal, flowers and plants.
On the other hand, people living in villages have simple life away from certifical outlooks and brands. Special kind of decorations, kind of shapes painted of walls and floors, explains the inner, beauty of simple people and their imaginations which expressed
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Art Education Sociology: Human is social person. He interest with his family, friends, relatives, neighbored etc and receives various ideas and the thoughts which he expresses through painting or books.
2. History of Art Education: The culture of art is as old as the history itself. Art teaches the value system and culture of every class and helps to improve the culture and value system of future.
3. Art Education Problems: Art education faces various problems; for future use the problems of art are understood and analyzed; without the solutions related to art problems; the art remains unsuccessful.
4. Education and Organization: Art education has become a part of specialized study in schools and colleges; where the degree related to art are BFA/ Diploma are provided. The students are though how to paint the paintings and prepare postures. Art education activity is helpful for the improvement of art education.
5. Educational Psychology: For new technique of art the students are origin. Art is formulated and analyzed on the basis of the child’s interest; art helps in the growth, understanding, imagination power, lust to learn of one
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