Artificial Intelligence Case Analysis

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Given the situation of job loss, lack of US visa and lack of skill in Artificial Intelligence, what would be Strategic and Operational strategy for an IT service organization

With the world moving towards automation in every sector to simplify the process and eliminate the redundancy and dependencies, Artificial Intelligence is further fueling it by targeting to increase the efficiency and scale up the productivity. We now see $160 billion Indian IT Industry is the no exception to it, and are implementing Artificial Intelligence at a much faster pace. Biggies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and IBM have launched their AI platforms Ignio, Mano, Holmes and Watson respectively. Although the primary reason for implementing the Artificial Intelligence
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Additionally, with the republicans coming into the power in the United States, the change in the new VISA norms have impacted the IT sector in a big way. IT firms are now being forced to hire local talent in key geographies, squeezing out Indian professionals and the revenues through them. Organizations are now trying to achieve non-linear growth, thus increasing the revenue per employee and profitability.

Reasons and Threats of current situation:

1. Traditionally, Indian IT companies are failing to touch base with the changing technologies in implementation at a required pace despite the success of IT in India causing the sudden shock with any disruptive technology
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We see China’s Baidu is leader in this and is extensively using Artificial Intelligence.

4. Venture into Hardware products

Stepping into more hardware business like - Microsoft which not only provides services through its windows platform, but also manufactures Microsoft surface, mobile based platform and other hardware products. People entering hardware business is usually less compared to the other businesses due to its minimal barriers of entry and the huge losses they incur but this would be a great opportunity for them to step into this business and explore new opportunities and create jobs while Artificial Intelligence is taking over the IT industry.

5. New foreign markets

In the long-term perspective, looking beyond US for the opportunities to expand the businesses. India tops the list of outsourcing countries most of which is outsourced to the US. Instead, expansion of it to the other countries would bring in newer opportunities and take off the over dependency on single

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