Artificial Intelligence Case Study

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Given the situation of job loss, lack of US visa and lack of skill in Artificial Intelligence, what would be Strategic and Operational strategy for an IT service organization

With the world moving towards automation in every sector to simplify the process and eliminate the redundancy and dependencies, Artificial Intelligence is further fueling it by targeting to increase the efficiency and scale up the productivity. We now see $160 billion Indian IT Industry is the no exception to it, and are implementing Artificial Intelligence at a much faster pace. Biggies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and IBM have launched their AI platforms Ignio, Mano, Holmes and Watson respectively. Although the primary reason for implementing the Artificial Intelligence in the IT organizations is to ease the routine grunt work and retrain the employees to fulfill more
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Indian IT companies work on the hybrid model of outsourcing 30% of work and rest 70% is done by Indian in-house units. This dependency on the foreign markets, change in the regime in the US modified VISA norms and mandate local hiring are causing little hiccups.

Way forward:

1. Change in the Business model

Indian IT companies are mostly seen as low-end, low-cost service providers to other companies and businesses. With the advancements of Artificial Intelligence in IT industry, this can be changed by venturing into new business and by expanding our portfolio to create products and technologies by emerging as product based technological companies.

India constitutes majority of the customer base and potential markets for many business, technological companies like Facebook and WhatsApp. With 4.2 million IT workforce and 1.3 billion population, it is a huge opportunity for Indian IT organizations to grow and to be a leader in the Artificial Intelligence which will not only help positioning ourselves but also create vast number of employment opportunities.

2. Organization
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