Aschoff's Practical Criticism Of Capitalist Feminism

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1. The broad version of feminism that deals with all people states that women and men are morally equal and therefore should have equality in all aspects. The capitalist version of feminism states that more women should hold elite positions within businesses, governments, corporations, etc. This is supposed to be a solution to the problems of traditionally subjugated groups because the disparity of dominance between men and women in the workplace would decrease. If men and women have equal share of powerful positions and hold the same authority then women would be seen as equals, according to capitalist feminism. 2. Aschoff’s practical criticism of capitalist feminism states that when women are put into positions of power they often treat each other worse, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that women will have it better off. The practical point of view examines the benefits vs. detriments of having more women in powerful positions. Aschoff’s theoretical criticism of capitalist feminism relies on the evidence of what capitalism is and that switching around the oppressor and the oppressed, doesn’t actually fix the problem. This point of view brings attention to the need for a different system all together. 3. Oprah’s solution to making life better is to get out of your own way and be …show more content…

The Oprah Ideology spiritualizes economic and political issues because it focuses on the positive side of the situation, rather than the negative. Instead of dwelling on our failures, the Oprah Ideology states that we need to take action and responsibility to ensure a better future for ourselves. The Oprah Ideology makes the American Dream seem attainable. Individualism of capitalism is when individual good choices can positively change the negative consequences of capitalism. Capitalism remains unchanged when these tactics are combined because people who work hard for their goals and adapt to the changing world will succeed, whereas those who don’t will likely not

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