Athen Vs Sparta Research Paper

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Which society would you prefer weak babies get left out to die, strong military, women's rights, responsible people. Or no babies getting left out, irresponsible people, not amazing military, with flourishing philosophy, next to no women's rights. Sparta and athens are terrible and good at the same time. To find out why read on.
Athens focuses significantly more on the arts and philosophy. In sparta they focus on military and physical fitness they also focus on responsibility. In athens everybody knows what they should do but they don’t. In sparta everybody knows what they should do so they do it. In sparta you are expected to be tough, brutal, and strong. The education system is physical and tough. You are expected to be a soldier. You spend most of your life as a soldier. What government got that started? This relates to Sparta’s and Athen’s government. …show more content…

Women go to school. When a war is on all the men are away so the women have to fight the wars. In athens women couldn't go to school or vote. They did influence voting though. Philosophy was rich in athens. Most people were decently educated in something. The intelligence and philosophy led to the athenian golden age. Sparta didn't have a golden age like athens but they always had very good military. Either way athens and sparta were both pretty good societies.
In conclusion sparta and athens are good and bad at the same time. One focuses on military while the other focuses in deep thinking and increased education. Sparta and athens are equal in general. They are both great governments and

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