Australia's Success Essay

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Australian forces had significant success in the North African campaign during World War 2 (1939-1945) which is highly evident in their extensive contribution and notable allied victories in various battles including the battle/siege of Tobruk and the second battle of El Alamein. Axis powers focused their attention to the Suez Canal and the Persian oil fields. This would enable them to control Mediterranean shipping/trading and would warrant axis power to accumulate crucial resources in order to retaliate and expand through-out the Middle east. Australia’s success was due to a multitude of factors including the military ability of the Australian 9th division and Australian artillery and soldiers skill tactics in the face of intimidating German …show more content…

This is evident in the second battle of El Alamein which was aimed at protecting essential resources from the powerful Axis forces. The success of the Australian forces in the Second Battle of El Alamein was significant, as it marked the turning point in the North African campaign. The North African front exhausted Germany's global military resources and control of the East oil field gave allies control of the Mediterranean shipping and trading. Australian success was a result of leadership expertise and effective tactic use. The Australian troops, along with the other allied soldiers were under the supervision and command of the highly skilled and experienced Commander General Bernard Montgomery. Montgomery's leadership style was characterized by “his willingness to take risks”. Additionally, he had the ability to inspire troops and instill a sense of discipline and determination to the soldiers in the face of intimidating axis powers. Consequently, allowing Australian forces to work together and efficiently. Australia’s success continued as a result of the effective tactics used. Comprehending the power of Axis defense, Montgomery withstood the impatient Winston Churchhill for an early attack reflecting his true (successful) leadership qualities and Australia's ability to adapt to changing circumstances. As a result, When offensive threats failed to fracture German forces in the south, Montgomery ordered the Australian 9th division to attack from the heavily fortified northern side. This resulted in the shift of Rommel's focus and allowed Australian forces to advance through Rommel’s troops which allowed the South to obtain a successful allied tank breakthrough. Thus, reflecting Australian success and a sense of discipline and determination. On the 2nd of November, the Panzerarmee suffered important losses and Rommel was forced to order withdrawal and cease operations. In

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