Essay On How To Preserve History

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The study of history is regarded as a very important structure to know our past, which it could drive us towards the autonomy of the evidences. It is reasonable to ask why the study of history is very important in everyday life. However, as the past is constructed with several types of historical functions, in what ways its autonomy can be preserved?
First of all, history is the study of the past or as the record of the past events and addressed with valid information. History is also a discipline that consists of structural knowledge about the past. With the use of the historical functions, it is suggested that the question of autonomy of the history is questionable. Historians will do their jobs to evaluate, examine and interpreting how the past had happened. However, with the involvement of such interpretations and evaluations, it might be questioned on how the truth of the past can be preserved.
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This paragraph will explain about in what ways historical thought can be developed in order to preserve the autonomy. The first point is the ideals and objectives for writing history. In writing history, the historians are needed to know the objectives in the writing. The reason is to prevent our intention of writing history from being off the tracks, take account of invalid evidences or misinterpretation of facts that will eventually causes the autonomy of the history to be inaccurate and misleading the intention to preserve the autonomy. Other than that, the commitment of historians is also regarded as an important factor in developing historical thought. When preserving the autonomy, it is suggested that the historians are need to find out some ways to include valid points and proofs to show how far the facts are relevance to the evidences. It is somehow hard to understand the similarities and the connections related to the past as real evidences are needed to proof how far the autonomy has
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