Ballet Russe Research Paper

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Even in the present days, ballet russe has been an inspiration for many fashion desingers. The first of them to have a ballet russe-inspired collection is Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Fall Winter 1976 collection which has been referred to as “Ballet Russes, Opera et Ballet Russes, Rich Peasant, The Russian Collection or simply YSL’s 1976 collection”, is one of his most famous and notable collection. This collection was inspired by ballet russe as well as Babushka peasant costumes. The details and the use of suede, wool, the brocaded coats, muslin skirts, tunics, velvet, bolero jackets, lamé shawls, gold trimmings, and silk chiffon blouses in the collection left people in awe. Saint Laurent employed the techniques of the petites

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