Barris Cruz Rhetorical Analysis

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Kelly followed up asking Cruz why “doesn’t make sense" to draft women in combat. “It risks putting women in an unsafe situation,” Cruz said. “If you are dealing with a 200 pound jihadist, the idea that we would be forcibly take our daughters and put them in the position of close combat doesn’t make sense. The job of our war fighters is to defeat the enemy not to be a cauldron for social experiments or political correctness.”

In his home state of Texas, a grand jury brought charges against David Daleiden, the person behind the Planned Parenthood undercover videos that showed the clinic was selling body parts. Cruz said if elected he would pardon Daleiden if he faced federal charges. “I was deeply dismayed and disappointed to see the Harrison county district attorney bringing criminal charges against someone who went undercover to expose vast criminal conduct …show more content…

“My purpose is to be president,” Kasich responded. “And those who are wondering about Donald Trump, if I go head to head with him in Ohio, I beat him by 18 points. I intend to go all the way, I intend to be the nominee, and I intend to beat Hillary Clinton by more than 11 points.”

Kelly pressed on to question Kasich’s candidacy asking if he stealing votes from candidates that had a better chance of beating Trump. “I’m not sure who those people are but people counted me out, they said you know, he will never get to New Hampshire and we went to New Hampshire and we finished second,” Kasich said. “The people that are calling for me to get out are people inside the beltway.”

A former Rand Paul supporter asked the Ohio Governor why libertarians should vote for him, Kasich responded with his beliefs in “smaller government, balancing the federal budget, and transferring money, power and influence out of Washington to the

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