Battle Of Saratoga Essay

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The Battle of Saratoga was one of the many battles in the revolutionary war dating from June 1777, to October 1777 (2). This battle was a very important battle for the Patriots In fact, this battle pretty much caused the last battle in the Revolutionary War to tilt in their favor. Considering this the battle of Saratoga is the most important battle of the war. The reasons for this are: It halted Burgoyne and his mass of warriors in their tracks, it forced Burgoyne to surrender, and it directly influenced the French coming into the war. This battle was won by a combination of strategy, a little luck, and great leadership. The battle of Saratoga happened near the Hudson River for the majority of its life span. Burgoyne started off well in the …show more content…

However, in all of the battles fought there had never been large scale surrenders (for the British anyways). Once Saratoga was over, and the violence was through, there was a mass of captured British men counting up to around 5,000 men from the British side (2). This was due to mainly Burgoyne’s failure in the attack, freeman’s farm, and Arnold’s mad charge. This was not only a huge morale booster for the Americans, but it also caused a huge loss for the British, for it ended their victories in New York for the time being, and also stopped their forward growing momentum towards victory giving America its chance to push back. Going even further into British loss, five thousand highly trained regulars were captured hurting the British advance until reinforcements arrive (3). Although in the revolutionary war there have been cases of British men surrendering such as Rall, a hessian commander working for the British as a mercenary in the battle of Trenton. There has never been a case of captured soldiers this high anywhere else in the war other than York town (measuring up to around 7,000 men). However, the battle of York Town was only made possible because of the Saratoga campaign. This victory also persuades a particularly powerful force to decide to team up with the patriots in their struggle for independence against Great Britain, which leads me to my next point about Saratoga’s importance to the

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