Beautiful Creatures: Differences Between Book And Movie

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Beautiful Creatures The tears that stream down your cheeks and dot the page as you read the last chapter of the book Beautiful Creatures. Or maybe the tears are wiped away by your blanket as you are curled up with popcorn watching the movie. Either way, the sadness you feel is real, whether you are reading the book or watching the movie. That is the same. I believe that there is so many differences between the book and the movie that it is hard to tell that they are the same story. The book, only owned by the major readers as no one else would want to read the astounding 564 page story or the movie, hated by people who read the book due to the overwhelmingly large number of differences but loved by those who want to …show more content…

In the movie this scene takes place but Ethan doesn’t bare witness to it. So far you can probably see that there is many differences but there is more to come. For example, The Book of Moons. Not nearly as important in the book as it is in the movie. This is the book that was pictured in the visions as Genevieve used a dark spell to try to bring Ethan back to life after he was shot. The spell casts a curse on the female descendants of Genevieve to turn dark during their Claiming. In the book they find the Book of Moons in Genevieve’s grave and it offers no help whatsoever when it comes to reversing the curse, but in the movie they find this book in the Caster library ran by Ama and it says to reverse the curse you must lose someone you love, basically giving Lena the answer. No choice comes without consequence, as Lena finds out in both the book and the movie. As Lena’s birthday approaches, the movie shows Lena spelling Ethan to forget her. As she states, “ There is more than one way to lose someone,” she hopes making Ethan forget her will reverse the curse. It seems that fate is not on her side as Ethan ends up getting shot

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