The Incredible Journey Book Vs Movie

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The incredible journey that changed their point of view. The Incredible Journey and the movie Homeward bound: The Incredible Journey were very inspirational. The Book was the tail of two dogs and a cat travel across Canada to try and find Luaths master and go home. In the movie they were on a journey but the events are a little different. They are very similar, but they differ in characters, setting, and adventures. And that is a little about the book and movie.
The characters are very different by the personalities, names, and actual being. Tao he becomes Sassy who is pampered, as her names says very sassy and her gender which influences her personality. Bodger he becomes Chance, his personality becomes wild, free, and energetic; he changes by becoming a young dog who just goes with Luath and Tao and is not the leader. Luath becomes Shadow, he is the old dog who is more calm, energetic and is a lot stronger and wiser. These are some character changes that influenced the story. …show more content…

Well for starters in the book they were in Canada but the movie takes place in San Francisco which changes their journey, difficulties, and their mood. The weather affected them by making it hotter or colder so the journey, the weather would make the journey longer, and since Canada is cooler then it would have taken longer for the journey. The last on is where Longridge lives in the book he lives in a remote area in Canada, in the movie Frank lives on a farm that is remote, and this makes their Journey easier and harder. And these are some things that the set had effect on the

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