Becoming A Physician Assistant

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Physician Assistant Physician Assistants (PAs) practice medicine on a team overseen by doctors. They examine patients all throughout the day and help people. They are trained to examine patients, diagnose injuries and illnesses, and provide treatment. PAs work in different areas of medicine, from doctors’ offices of various specialties to clinics, hospitals, and emergency rooms. Their work depends on their specialty and what their supervising physician needs them to do. They might be the primary care provider at clinics where a physician is only there one or two days out of the week. Physician Assistants also can make house calls or visit nursing homes and then report back to the physician afterward (“Summary”). In the mid-1960s, physicians …show more content…

I also do well in math and science classes, and science classes, in particular, are extremely interesting to me. What sparked my interest in becoming a Physician Assistant was my sister. She has been studying to become a PA and has enjoyed it. I can continue to learn about this career by talking to my sister about all that she is learning and asking her about what it is like. Also, I can keep doing research on Physician Assistants in any way that I can to keep educating myself on the career.
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She said in her interview, “I have learned how difficult it is to get through school. Also, I have learned how great of a job it is. I can choose different specialties to work in the field.” It is extremely tough to get into PA school. Becoming a Physician Assistant is so competitive that a 4.0-grade point average in college may not even be enough to get accepted, but having it certainly helps. Plenty of people apply to get accepted into PA school, and the open slots are intensely limited (Pearson). It is important to do exceptionally well in science courses (Pearson). Abby Pearson is currently a student pursuing her Master 's degree at PA school at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa. She earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Pre-Allied Health in four years at Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma and achieved a 4.0-grade point average. Abby has over one hundred hours of shadowing doctors in various specialties. “Before applying to PA school, it is important to get experience in medical or patient care, make the most of each rotation in PA school, ask questions and learn as much as you can,” said Abby Pearson. “It is possible to get a job offer from a

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